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  1. 70 Quotes about the Past

    Quotes about the past help us see that period of time for what it is. You should never forget the years prior; instead, use them to grow and lead a better tomorrow.

  2. Exhausted? 18 Tired Quotes

    Tiredness. We’ve all be there. You’re exhausted. Mentally, physically, emotionally, or all of the above. If you carve out time to take care of yourself and rest, you’ll soon shake the feeling. But in the meantime, enjoy these tired quotes.

  3. Life Goes On Quotes – Inspiration to Live By!

    No matter what the setback, remember the sun will rise again tomorrow and life will go on. But don’t just take it from us – we’ve compiled 17 life goes on quotes from notable figures.

  4. Long Distance Relationship Quotes

    Anyone who has had a long distance relationship can tell you how difficult it can be at times. These long distance relationship quotes can help ease the pain and help you make the best of the situation.

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  6. nye quote
  7. quotes about christmas

    20 Wonderful Quotes About Christmas

    We’ve compiled some of the best quotes about Christmas, including beautiful, heart warming quotes, and also some funny Christmas quotes for your enjoyment.

  8. 14 Great Acceptance Quotes

    We’ve rounded up 14 great quotes that put perspective on acceptance and how it can change and possibly improve you life.

  9. Funny Thanksgiving Quotes

    Thanksgiving is a holiday ripe for laughter. Your day is sure to include lots of laughter, but we’ll get the party started first with these hilarious Thanksgiving quotes.

  10. Quotes About Heartbreak To Mend Your Heart

    Heartbreak is a bummer. You are sad, confused and disappointed. But take comfort in knowing that everyone goes through this at least once in his or her lifetime. Check out these heartbreak quotes to help ease the pain.